Potomac, Before the Rains



her feathers are ruffled
arms akimbo

she stomps    irritated and

down and down and down she goes

her hips battering the shoreline
with grumpy bumps and slaps

detritus scurries from her
sweeping swats

down and down and down she goes

12 thoughts on “Potomac, Before the Rains

  1. hopefully you packed some calcium carbide to have a fancy fireball…since you once said you’re not a cinnamon whiskey imbiber. 4.3 gallons vinegar per pound calcium carbide is what’s required to neutralize the hydroxide that result after one has the fun with the acetylene gas… careful, it burns bright enough to damage your eyes if you try lighting it tooo close and of course is highly flamable so thus duh, as it can burn through metal, and melt glass bottles… 😀 it sure can burn flesh. as it’s fun, it’s also worth noting it’s likely highly illegal. oh, yeah 😀 the poem’s grand ma’am.

    • Oh yes, sweetie, I’m still around. Moving to Virginia and getting comfortable with a new job, new surroundings and making new friends has kept me busy. I am still writing and ready to keep writing!!!

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