a thousand little deaths

it has been a million eternities
and yet you still haunt me
weightlessly you tread through
the dark, almost forgotten rooms
avoided for so long
afraid to even test the doorknobs
for fear your misty silhouette
will find me, gasping for breath
no more anguished prayers
muttered desperately in shallow hours
release your grip from my heart
i will walk unhindered by your chains

ceg nov 2014

12 thoughts on “a thousand little deaths


    Love this!!! Love your writing. The nice thing about being 81, most of the toxic people are enjoying a very long rest.

    Man, we have to deal with what one commenter called ‘toxic’ people. I always tried to ignore them, be nice, and when gone, do what I want. lol

    Have a very nice Thanksgiving!!!!!!!


  2. 🙂 I’m calling jewel song on this one 😀 these foolish chains… nevermind it’s these foolish games…since when did my ears work anyways unless one considers hearing what I want to..and hush on that 😀 why? I read you too. 😀 happy turkey day you

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