saving my life


on the cusp of this moment
you should find yourself
mesmerized by a once-familiar taste
of sweet summer apples
and the raucous sound of
cicadas filling the air with
their strident chant

perhaps you’ll find me
where you last
saw me

standing beneath the
the green curtain of a

pushing my hair from my eyes
with an uncomfortable sweep of my hand
not daring to believe
you were watching

but this time
I would not smile
a shy smile of gratitude

I would disappear into
the verdant will leaves
saving myself

ceg 5.27.15

11 thoughts on “saving my life

  1. Wow!!!!! You wrote us one of you wonderful poems.

    Reminded me of some forced reading in college when all I wanted was my Business Administration degree. lol

    A traveling man met a gal and they made love under a tree. The loved each other, but he left promising to come back. He instead married someone else, but was back in the area 20 years later. We went back the tree and there was a grave. He found out from the local people that her lover did not come back and she took her life.

    I got my Business degree, but can’t forget that story.

  2. Gosh, please don’t make us wait several months for another poem!!!!!!!! I absolutely adore your poetry, and this one… just… wow, ahhh. I love it. Can’t think of anything else to add. 🙂

    Hope you’re doing well!

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