Winter Scavenger Hunt #68 OR Hearts in Atlantis

shattered“You know when you’re young, you have moments of such happiness, you think you’re living in someplace magical, like Atlantis must have been. Then we grow up and our hearts break in two.”
~Anthony Hopkins as Ted Brautigan in “Hearts in Atlantis” by Stephen King

I’ve always believe that hearts, at least the human heart, must break at least a few times before we can say we have fully lived.  Breaking in two, though, sounds a far cry better than the thousand pieces which which seems to be how my heart reacts to sudden, violent pain, like the unexpected death of one I have loved.  Or the slow, chipping away of former joy.  But then, we are tasked with the reassembling of those pieces.  We must, or we are doomed to live a half live devoid of warmth.  Or love.  That doesn’t mean it will look exactly the same afterwards.  I’m not convinced it ever does.

       i stand
looking down at the
a kaleidoscope of jewels
casting light

now broken
and yet
beautiful in its

on my knees
i     r   e   a   c   h
touching each one, lovingly

i will
take    my    time
because, my masterpiece


cegl 1.27.16