How To (a haibun)


How To Navigate the Washington DC Metro Area

I’m an Okie.  I may live in Virginia, but I’m still an Okie.  Getting around here is some sort of magic I have yet to untangle. The Potomac River glistens and glides to the east, while our fearsome capital squats overhead to the north.  Sometimes, between the hills and trees, there is a glimpse of the Washington Monument; a lovely sight flanked by cherry blossoms in the spring. To the south, fair Mount Vernon and battlefields left behind.  To the west, Shenandoah River and Blue Ridge mountains run.  But within those boundaries lies a labyrinth that even Daedalus would be impressed by.  Street names change names midway if you aren’t paying attention.  That light is for them not you.  The bridge is up.  There’s a traffic jam.  Driving alone makes me sweat and curse, but rarely cry (anymore).

Set the GPS
Follow her voice carefully
Get lost anyway 

cegl 4.9.16

12 thoughts on “How To (a haibun)

  1. I have been watching the “House of Cards” on Netflix and I think I am getting addicted to it. Anyway, I like DC area a lot. Used to go there so often for various meetings and conferences. But have never gone to Mount Vernon. One day I shall surprise you and land at your doorstep, crying, that I have lost my way, despite the GPS! 🙂

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