Ode to the Unexpected (a list poem)


Cherry blossoms covered in spring time snows
Anger cut short by a shared joke
Five dollars tucked inside the pocket of last year’s jacket
An extra cherry hidden beneath the ice in your cherry limeade
Finding the bracelet you lost months ago
The pink blush the shows up on this year’s yellow roses
One more french fry in the carry out bag
A rain shower on a sunny day and then finding out some people
call it “the devil beating his wife”
Discovering that you really do like smoked salmon after all
Thinking you couldn’t, but you could and did

cegl 4.12.16

18 thoughts on “Ode to the Unexpected (a list poem)

  1. well I never on the cherries in the cherry limeaid someone had to have liked you… or I didn’t get the right cherry limeaid maker! – however as I’m at my sis’ MIL’s I got to make dinner – oh yeah , huge surprise there I might make a dinner 😉 but how often do I mention I bothered to slice the lil lemon rounds for the water to go with a simple offering fish tacos? 😉 needless to say fine offering 🙂 I will be thinking cherry limeaids allll day heheheh wascally won.

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