Memories Yet to Be

From adventofreason’s Xanga Archives . . .



it was a rather savage memory
and it almost always came back
to her this time of year
with the hushed sound of snow
falling and the smell of distant
smoke from fire places that burned
without a second thought about
the fact that she was not there to
feel its heat against her face
she had to admit to missing those
peppermint kisses and the fragrance
of evergreen and presents hastily
wrapped in whatever paper was handy
she missed the sweet harmonies
they had made together
tears, half frozen to her face, causing
frosty curses to issue past her lips, made
her fall against a blameless bank
of snow and glancing up from where
she lay, she spotted a ring around the
moon and the promise of gifts yet
unopened and memories yet to beceg 11.18.11

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