if she were to tell you
what it was that made
her wander
across the high prairie
it might sound like
the wind moving through
the brown green tall grasses
our like a hawk’s cry
it might smell like distant rain
it might feel lonesome
it would leave you to your thoughts
both vulnerable
and strong
it would feel like home
weltering under the piercing sun
dreaming under the ancient stars


ceg 4.24.2020

when memories meet the day

Mind Burst

i dreamt of you again last night
your smile
your laugh
i dreamt of how you held me close
your smell
your voice
when i awoke, i remembered
your broken promises
your half truths
when i welcomed the sun
and felt its warmth
its truth
the dreams fell away
and with grateful eyes
i greeted the day
ceg 4/14/2020



on nights, just like tonight
i can almost feel the prairie
winds caress my cheek
and the vast expanse of heaven
looking down upon me
glittering with secrets and stories
i can catch the faintest sound
of faraway tree toads singing
their nightly lullaby
it’s time to sleep
it’s time to dream
it’s time to reach out
and touch your face
as it hovers just outside
my drowsing vision

ceg 4.13.2020

in the cool green darkness

there in a dark green room
with ivy for curtains
she dwelt
and listened to life happening
                 exploding, sobbing, sighing
around her
and in that cool sweetness
she found her respite and did
not grieve for the things
that she missed
she withdrew into the
emerald of her eyes
and wandered in and
out of the forested
cathedrals arching over her
making her feel
all the more
          insignificant, small, invisible
but there are no tears
that fall this time
for the verdant lushness
of her dreams has
finally overtaken her
and carried her
to a lover strong and tall
and it is there that
she at last feels
that loving embrace
that eluded her
ceg 4.11.2020

tempest (a villanelle)

i only dream of ocean’s deep
the limitless fathoms call
my name repeated while i sleep

to glide down to god Neptune’s keep
where he thunders in his hall
i only dream of oceans deep

against dark mountains rising steep
i lay my heart, my soul, my all
my name repeated while i sleep

i watch his creatures swim and creep
across the living floor they crawl
i only dream of oceans deep

forgotten remains will welcome those who come to weep
into her arms as they rise to fall
my name repeated while i sleep

i wait one moment, then i leap
her foamy waves my funeral pall
i only dream of oceans deep
my name repeated while i sleep

ceg 4/6/2020

ctempestJ Waterhouse  Tempest

counted joys


she walked through gardens gilded by  moonlight
danced with the jasmine, heavy and fragrant
and sang songs of longing to the stars

she lived her life not in yesterday’s shadows
but in promises borne of grief
and jeweled tears of sorrow

and thus she dreams awake

ceg 4.3.2020