when memories meet the day

Mind Burst

i dreamt of you again last night
your smile
your laugh
i dreamt of how you held me close
your smell
your voice
when i awoke, i remembered
your broken promises
your half truths
when i welcomed the sun
and felt its warmth
its truth
the dreams fell away
and with grateful eyes
i greeted the day
ceg 4/14/2020



all the good feelings
fresh strawberries and cream
the smell of bacon
crystal catching the light of spring
scattering it
kaleidoscope of colors
from yesterday’s endeavors
hidden here and there
hearing chords of
lifelong favorites echoing
within stained-glass walls
unbridled joy

ceg 4.12.2020


The magnolias make me sad
they remind me of all that has passed
by this place; how much has changed
while i, solemn and patient, have
seen it grow, bloom, and litter the
ground with its thick leaves
children now grown
lovers moved on
beloveds departed and here
here i stand, solemn and patient
waiting to feel that hand touch
my cheek, to whisper words
that will thaw me, warm me back
to life, embrace me and comfort me
they have all moved on, scattered
to the winds, like the waxy
blossoms from the boughs overhead
i know they dance somewhere
while i wait, solemn and patient
(i dream of you)
ceg 4.8.2020

counted joys


she walked through gardens gilded by  moonlight
danced with the jasmine, heavy and fragrant
and sang songs of longing to the stars

she lived her life not in yesterday’s shadows
but in promises borne of grief
and jeweled tears of sorrow

and thus she dreams awake

ceg 4.3.2020

The Life she Led

From adventofreason’s Xanga Archives . . .


she probably had a boy who loved her, once upon a time
they may have held hands on the walk to school
or kissed under the fiery light of sunsets
i imagine that her lips were waiting many years to be kissed
the way they were meant to be kissed
and that her body ached to be held and loved by that boy
she was ordinary in the most extraordinary way
and would often be found writing fragments of verses
in book margins or envelopes even once on a sugar packet
she dreamed about songs and how words could be
woven into the strands of her hair, secrets for only his eyes
and she learned to wait and to be patient, drenching herself
in prayers and hopes and see the world with the sweetness
of lavender sachets hidden away in the deepest part of her heart

ceg 11.12.11

Hiraeth (a collection of lunes*)


it is a word full
of meaning
and of memory

the time of day when
lights come on
mothers calling out

lightning bugs begin
their glowing
dance of attraction

patio candles
come to life
flickering shadows

cricket song rises
sweet chorus
as purple darkens

snatches of laughter
drifting low
through open windows

some call it twilight
others dusk
perhaps the gloaming

it is the essence
of childhood
captured in a word

ceg 7.17.15

*thirteen syllables are arranged in 5/3/5 format