crown xiv

it seems absurd
this new reality
we are in its thrall
this new normal
all those things
that we did without a thought
the new impossible
will we be different afterwards
this new society
or will we return to
thinking that the sun
would always rise
and the mail would be delivered


ceg 4/15/2020



on nights, just like tonight
i can almost feel the prairie
winds caress my cheek
and the vast expanse of heaven
looking down upon me
glittering with secrets and stories
i can catch the faintest sound
of faraway tree toads singing
their nightly lullaby
it’s time to sleep
it’s time to dream
it’s time to reach out
and touch your face
as it hovers just outside
my drowsing vision

ceg 4.13.2020



all the good feelings
fresh strawberries and cream
the smell of bacon
crystal catching the light of spring
scattering it
kaleidoscope of colors
from yesterday’s endeavors
hidden here and there
hearing chords of
lifelong favorites echoing
within stained-glass walls
unbridled joy

ceg 4.12.2020

in the cool green darkness

there in a dark green room
with ivy for curtains
she dwelt
and listened to life happening
                 exploding, sobbing, sighing
around her
and in that cool sweetness
she found her respite and did
not grieve for the things
that she missed
she withdrew into the
emerald of her eyes
and wandered in and
out of the forested
cathedrals arching over her
making her feel
all the more
          insignificant, small, invisible
but there are no tears
that fall this time
for the verdant lushness
of her dreams has
finally overtaken her
and carried her
to a lover strong and tall
and it is there that
she at last feels
that loving embrace
that eluded her
ceg 4.11.2020

waterhouse j.waterhouse

she was the portrait of tragedy
grey eyes brimming with tears on the
of falling down her cheeks
brown hair
once her crowning glory
now forgotten
bedraggled and unwashed
the glimmer of hope that
she kindled deep within herself
was the somewhat shaken knowledge
that this wasn’t the first time
she wore that silken cloak of sadness
but, o, she wore it so well
it became her

ceg 4/9/2020


The magnolias make me sad
they remind me of all that has passed
by this place; how much has changed
while i, solemn and patient, have
seen it grow, bloom, and litter the
ground with its thick leaves
children now grown
lovers moved on
beloveds departed and here
here i stand, solemn and patient
waiting to feel that hand touch
my cheek, to whisper words
that will thaw me, warm me back
to life, embrace me and comfort me
they have all moved on, scattered
to the winds, like the waxy
blossoms from the boughs overhead
i know they dance somewhere
while i wait, solemn and patient
(i dream of you)
ceg 4.8.2020

A Little Frank by the Firelight

he wooed me with Frank
dancing barefoot
breast to chest
my cheek warm against his shoulder
his fingers trace shivers up
and down my spine
moving me slowly about the room
the firelight dances with us
casting enchantment and desire
around the room like a
diamond in the sun
his breath hot in my ear
whispering not sweet nothings
but passionate promises

ceg 4.7.2020